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A member of the Chicago Cosmetologists Association

"Where precision makes the difference. Taking a personalized approach to achieve the look you desire."

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Eugene is one of Chicago's premier hair stylists with over 30 years of experience servicing Chicago's Gold Coast Community. Eugene's philosophy is to customize a look that not only enhances the client but is also convenient to maintain away from the salon. Eugene believes he obtains the highest customer satisfaction by understanding his clients' needs and then designing a style best suited for that client. Eugene believes your hair should compliment your personality as well as your lifestyle.  After all, nothing feels better than a great hair cut.  Doctors, teachers, musicians, hair stylists, actors, actresses, models and children are among some of his clientele.  


Sunny's Gabbriellas located in Marietta's Day Sps & Salon
58 W Maple St, Chicago IL 60610
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The salon's pleasant surroundings and polite and courteous staff
making getting a day of beauty a
relaxing experience.

As a customer you will enjoy Eugene's refreshing personality,
comfortable surroundings,
intense skills and his ability to give
you what you want.



Tuesday - Saturday: 11:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday & Monday: closed

Phone: (312) 539-7581
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58 W Maple St

Chicago, IL 60611

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